About Us

Hello There!

Welcome to AutoClickerX.

I am Vishal, a software engineer who loves playing games.

Back in my college days, there was a time when I used to play games every day and Counter-Strike, Roblox, FIFA, and Minecraft were my favorite. At that time, I was really into them and always thought of creating something related to gaming. And for that, I also joined our renowned gaming club “ACES” where I learned about game development using the Unity Engine and more.

Apart from that, I recently adopted one dog named Mufasa. I know he is really cute and the cutest thing is that he loves going out on auto rides.

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But what’s more interesting, the story of this venture.

Being an IT professional I never used programming for personal work, after I left college. But one day, my friend called me to discuss the pain he was facing because of continuously clicking the mouse for long hours. And then I started searching on the internet for some programs that can auto click and that’s how I got to know about auto clickers.

Although, the problem was fixed and my friend was also feeling well. But this incident gave me an opportunity to fulfill my dream of giving something useful to the gaming industry. And then finally, I launched AutoClickerX.com 🙂

Currently, I am testing multiple tools and also researching for some additional features to add to these programs. Till now, I have tested some gaming platforms and Idle clicker games to get deeper knowledge. I know it will be time-consuming but I think that’s the only way to build something better which can improve our gaming experience.

And very soon our Youtube Channel will be live with our free auto clicking app, till then you can go through our blog section where I have shared detailed guides with amazing tricks. Or you can also connect with us using our official social media handles.

Due to time constraints, I have stopped playing games like a hardcore gamer otherwise we could have joined some Discord servers. But the passion and love for gaming are still inside me, so if anytime you want to get in touch to give some feedback or suggestion, use our contact page.

And that’s all for now!

Thank you for giving us your valuable time.

Vishal Singh