GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4 Free Download 2023 [ Latest Version ]

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If yes, then the latest version 3.1.4 is here for you.

Quick Fact:- Worldwide PC gaming revenue is around $35.9 billion annually.
( newzoo )

I know it’s pretty huge but soon it’s going to be doubled in a few years. Because nowadays plenty of developers are releasing different versions of games like Roblox, Minecraft, and many more. And for them, many new companies are coming up with tools like GS which helps in eliminating the repetitive tasks of continuous clicking. One thing which makes them great is that they save you lots of time and are completely safe to use.

But before we dive into it, let’s start with the basics.

What is GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4?

GS Auto Clicker is a simple app that allows us to automate mouse clicks and helps us to improve our productivity by getting rid of monotonous tasks. If we talk about the developer of this tool then it’s Golden Soft, who has newly launched the 3.1.4 version with some basic upgrades. Furthermore, you can also use this application to click automatically if your mouse has faced any wear and tear.

In the gaming community, this software is loved by many gamers who need repeated clicks while playing games. And that’s not all, I have also seen plenty of users using this auto clicker for Minecraft, RuneScape ( Online Fantasy RPG ), Rainbox Six Siege ( Shooter Video Game ), etc.

Being an easy-to-use app, it is nearly compatible with all different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, Chrome and soon they might be releasing their iOS version.

Free GS Auto Clicker Download

However, we have already discussed about the developer in the above section but their official site is not that good because of a few reasons. First, they don’t provide free download links from their own site and also redirect the users to some other third-party websites. Second, we are not sure that they have checked the app file for the keylogger, malware, or viruses.

Apart from that, if you want the apk or macintosh file, then you need to visit the official homepage because here we are only providing the latest version “GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4” which only works on Windows PC.

And if you are searching for an alternative, then try OP Auto Clicker.

Q. Is GS Auto Clicker Safe?
Ans. Yes, GS is absolutely safe to use and after checking the 3.1.4 version, our team has found that it is completely clean and virus free.

Changelog [ Updated Version ]

Talking about the changelogs, this automation software gets very few updates as compared to others. Last time, it was updated in 2021 but this doesn’t mean that this application is not useful. And If we compare it with other competitors, then its outdated version is way much better for any type of gaming need. Apart from that, we always recommend downloading the latest version only from trusted sources, like ours.

And here are some recent changelogs:-

GS Auto Clicker v3.1.4:-

  • Added Displaying balloon tip.
  • Changed default hotkey from F8 to Space.
  • Improved Record and Playback option.

GS Auto Clicker v3.1.2:-

  • Fixes for Windows 10 app file.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
  • Speed up and slow down options.
  • Improvements in all major functions.

How to use GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4?

Although, this macro has the simplest and cleanest interface but sometimes it becomes difficult for new users to explore its options easily. The first time when I also used this tool to generate automatic clicks, it was hard for me. But after using it a few times, I was pretty comfortable and the best part is that you don’t have to face any lags or crashes.

Furthermore, this application supports multiple devices like PC ( Mac and Chromebook ), Laptop ( MacBook ), and Mobile ( Android and iPhone they may be releasing soon ). And I think this can be the one reason why gamers prefer this tool as a Roblox auto clicker and also for playing games like Growtopia, Bubble Gum Simulator, and many more.

So, let’s see how it works…

  1. First, download and install GS Auto Clicker from the link.
  2. Now open the file or double-click on it to run.
  3. And then you will see a small window with different options
  4. After that, click on the Options tab, then Clicking > Options.
  5. Now you have to select the “Mouse Button” like Left, Right, Middle, and then select the type of click like Single or Double.
  6. Once they are done, you have to set up the repetitions by going to the same Options tab and then selecting Clicking > Repeat.
  7. Now enter the number of times you want to click or you can select the “Repeat until stopped” mode to get infinite clicks.
  8. In the same window, you can also adjust the interval between clicks by entering the values in hours, mins, secs, and milliseconds.
  9. Once all the settings are configured, hit the Ok button.
  10. Now tap on the “press SPACE to click” button to activate it. ( Earlier it used to press F8 button but now it has changed )

And that’s how by following the above-mentioned steps you can easily run a free auto clicker on your system. Also being portable, this app doesn’t need to be uninstalled like other software.

However, the application itself provides a “Help” button to know more about its function. But for making it easy for you, we have already explained some important settings in the below section.

Automate Multiple Clicks

Like the above steps, you can easily set up these settings also. Just you have to navigate through these different options by following the given steps. And then you will able to automate your complicated tasks in a very simple manner.

  1. Go to the Options menu, then Recording > Multiple Clicks.
  2. Now a new window will open up and then enable the “Record and replay multiple clicks” checkbox.
  3. After that, click on the “Pick Point” button and then capture the location of the screen by clicking at a specific point.
  4. Now if you want to record a sequence of clicks at different locations, then perform Step 3 again and again. ( Note:- You can also see numbers in the Click records: box to verify if they are getting recorded or not. )
  5. Once all points are recorded, click on the Ok button.
  6. At last, tap on the “press SPACE to click” button and you will start getting multiple auto clicks.

Quick Tip:- You can also pair both Record and Repeat features to make a set of clicks that can be used as special mouse movements in the game. ( Like a combined attack or move )

Other Advanced Settings

Personally, I really like this function because it completely gives you control over the whole process and how it’s going to happen even after the completion of the given task.

  1. First, navigate to the Options tab.
  2. And then select the Settings > View option.
  3. After that, you will see two options “Hide When it is Clicking” and “Show When it Finishes Clicking” which you can select according to your preference.

And here is one advanced function of GS Auto Clicker, which you may not find in any other tools available online. Basically, it allows us to decide the action of the program after it completes the whole sequence of mouse clicks given in the initial phase.

  1. First, navigate to the Options menu.
  2. After that, select the Settings > Other option.
  3. And then you will see an “On click complete” drop-down menu from which you can select options like Idle, Quit, Lock computer, Log off computer, Turn off computer, standby, and Hibernate ( only if supported ).

Set Up a Shortcut / Hotkey

Using this specific setting correctly can help you a lot in starting or stopping this application quickly. So, always try to select a shortcut or hotkey which is very accessible and near to your hands.

  1. Go to the Options tab, then Settings > Hotkey.
  2. After that, click on the Click / Stop button.
  3. Now press any key which you want to set as Hotkey ( Shortcut ) and then click on the Ok button.

GS Auto Clicker Features

To put it simply, this auto mouse clicker has plenty of amazing features that can easily make your gaming experience better. Apart from that, using this efficient tool you can easily multitask while performing repetitive tasks like data entry, refreshing web pages, and some coding-testing work.

Lightweight:- Being a 1MB file, this application doesn’t need too many resources and can perfectly run in the background without making your machine slow. Additionally, if you are using a very old PC then also it will not cause any problems like high CPU usage.

Free of Cost:- Being open-source, this software is absolutely free to download which means you don’t have to pay for any subscription for using its features. Moreover, you also don’t get to see any in-between advertisements while using it on your system.

Highly Compatible:- If we look at the list then it is almost compatible with all operating systems like Android, Chrome, macOS, and Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. And you will be surprised to know that it’s also going to work with older versions like Vista and XP.

Save Your Wrist:- Generally, most gamers use this auto clicking program just for fun but if you use it wisely then it can also save you from multiple wrist disorders. Yes, playing games and using a gaming mouse for long hours can hurt you in long run but with this tool, you can save yourself.

Easy Gaming:- If you love playing Idle games, then you should definitely get the latest GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4 version so that you can break all high-score records. But this does not mean that you are only limited to this type because I have seen gamers also playing games like Game of War, Criminal Case, and more.

Full Safety:- If we look at the reports then .exe files are more prone to getting infected but we have thoroughly checked this file for viruses and malware, so it is completely safe to download. Apart from that, if you optimize this macro correctly then you can easily knock down your competitors without getting banned or noticed by them.

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