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Quick Fact:- Around 63% of developers are creating PC games. ( WePC )

And I think this totally looks correct because if we look at some popular games like Trove, Terraria, Roblox, No Mans Sky, Minecraft, and Eco, they are all available for PCs. On the other hand, looking at the needs of gamers many developers are building utilities for automating mouse clicking tasks while playing games or doing some other work. ( It’s safe 🙂 )

But before we dive into it, let’s start with the basics.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games which was developed by Mojang Studios. Earlier, it was just launched as a fun project but later on, users started loving this game so much and now it has grown to a massive fan base of 140 million players worldwide. Additionally, it enables users to creatively interact with the elements of the game without having any specific goal or task.

On 18 November 2011, it was officially released by its creator Markus Persson also known as “Notch“. Furthermore, Minecraft comes in two different versions, first is Bedrock Edition which works on PC, Chromebooks, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPhone & iPad, Android, Smart TVs, and streaming devices, whereas the second one is Java Edition which only works on few platforms like PC, Mac, and Linux.

Some Important Key Points

In starting, if any normal user looks at the game then they find it pretty boring because everyone thinks that Minecraft is all about building blocks. But as they start playing it and involves in activities, they find it very interesting and engaging. However, there are plenty of different tasks and features but here we will only be discussing the major ones.

Bridging:- It is a technique of creating a bridge by placing blocks so that you make your way to move forward. And it’s of different types like God Bridge, Telly bridging, Moonwalk bridging, Speed bridging, etc.

Gameplay:- With frequent updates it might have changed a lot but the crux of the game like fishing, farming, different mods, texture packs, clients, and servers are still the same. You can still create different 3-D structures in the space and can also work in a team to accomplish tasks.

Mining:- Another technique that can give you ore material or items after digging the tunnels or the ground. It’s of different types like Strip mining, Shaft mining, Vertical mining, etc.

Parental Controls:- Since this game has no rules and is played by gamers of different ages, the makers have also added parental settings. And because of this many parents love this game and also feel safe for their children.

What is Auto Clicker for Minecraft?

Auto Clicker for Minecraft is an automation utility that helps you to get automatic mouse clicks while playing the game. Moreover, this also allows us to save time and effort which are generally wasted in performing repetitive tasks of manual clicking. And the best part is that it can work with both TLauncher and the classic version of this game.

In most cases, this tool is used for breaking the blocks but if you use it effectively then it can do a lot. Like at the time of AFK ( Away From Keyboard ), you can easily automate the process of mining or building tunnels. Apart from that, it can also be used to get high-speed clicks in different modes like PvP ( Player vs. Player ), PvE ( Player vs. Environment ), Multiplayer, and Story Mode, so that you can easily knock down your opponents.

Free Minecraft Auto Clicker Download

Although, it’s very easy to get this software online but I would suggest you to only go for the trusted ones, not anyone who is providing download links for free. Also, before getting the app file it’s good to know which version you are using and for which platform you want. Like, the latest version is Minecraft 1.19, and if you are looking for Minecraft PE ( Pocket Edition ) or the Education edition then get the android apk file.

Here we have listed some of the best auto clicking apps which are fully compatible with Windows PC.

Quick Note:- Please be aware of third-party websites that are just sharing infected files with viruses, malware, and ransomware.

How to use Auto Clicker in Minecraft?

In the above section, we have already seen the legacy of platforms supported by Minecraft like Chromebooks, Xbox, iPhone / iPad, Linux, Mac, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and more. But since the majority of gamers use the PC version, we will only share the steps for it. Also, note that using these applications to click automatically might violate the rules of the game, so if you want to play fair then avoid it.

Being a user-friendly app, it’s pretty easy to set up but some gamers who are new to this, find it difficult. And that’s why I recommend you to follow the exact steps because they are going to help in removing the long boring tasks of continuous clicking. Furthermore, using these auto clickers on click-based games is much easier than you think but if you want to play Minecraft Bedrock, Java, or Bed Wars ( Survival game ), then you need to configure it.

So, now let’s see how it works:-

  1. Download and Install the auto clicker app from the given link.
  2. After installation is completed, open or run the application.
  3. Now you will see a dialog box with multiple options.
  4. And then navigate to the Minecraft game and if you have not signed in yet, then do it now.
  5. Once you are in the game, select your favorite move or attack which you want to automate using this macro.
  6. Now record the points of the screen where you want to deploy the automatic clicks.
  7. After that, you have to configure other remaining options like the Mouse Button, Clicking Repeat, and Interval.
  8. Once you are done with them, just tap on the Start button. ( By default, it is set to Space key )

Note:- Here we have explained the steps for GS software but if you are looking for OP‘s instructions, then check out our Roblox article which we have linked in the starting part.

Activate In-built Auto Clicks

One thing about Minecraft which really fascinates me is that they themselves provide you with a free auto clicker as an in-built function. Don’t believe me, then follow these quick steps to activate it.

  1. First, select a certain point on your screen.
  2. Now hold down the right-click button, then press the “F3 + T” key, and then release it. ( This will refresh your texture pack and think that you are still holding the right-click. )

Apart from that, there is another hack that is used widely.

Quick Hack:- Just hold down the mouse button ( right-click ) and then quickly unplug your physical mouse from the system.

Our Best Settings [ Recommended ]

Although, both the auto mouse clicker which we have mentioned above work perfectly fine but choosing between them and knowing your actual requirements can you an edge. Because if you set up them correctly with the right speed and intervals, then you can easily win any battle or game. If you are not sure how to finalize them, follow our recommended settings.

Fight Button:- In Minecraft there are several buttons that you can automate but the best thing will be to use for Fight or Fire button ( right, middle, left click ). By doing this, your character will attack at a faster rate and you will also create more damage to your opponent in a minimum span of time.

Pick Point:- If you want your moves or actions to hit on the right spot then use this function to select the accurate cursor location. Usually, we prefer using the “Dynamic Cursor Position” because this allows us to attack by just placing the mouse. But since this option is only available in OP Clicker, we have to add location using the X and Y coordinates.

Clicking Interval:- Like the above two settings, this parameter is also very crucial if you want to get the fastest clicks at a specific target point. And because of safety reasons, we mostly choose 100 CPS but you can also choose some random number like 14 CPS ( Clicks per second ). And if you think these parameters are slow then set them to Zero ( hours, mins, secs, and milliseconds ).

Hotkey Settings:- While doing 1vs1 battles in Minecraft, there are so many scenarios where you have to fire immediately. But being busy with some other attacks it is delayed sometimes and in that case, you should set up your favorite hotkey as ready to hand, so that you can start and stop the auto clicker quickly. Eventually, this will help you to perform multiple actions like jumping, firing, and crouching without any struggle.

Record Multiple Clicks:- You can say this as an advanced setting because by using this you will be recording a series of clicks at different positions which can be repeated again and again. And if you use this setting effectively then Farming will become a much easier task for you. And If you are new to them, then both these activities require lots of clicks and effort for digging, fencing, and filling water at a specific place or land.

And that’s not all, many users also use this feature for automating processes like briding, fishing, and building houses in Minecraft. I know finding a water body is easy but using the fishing rod for a long time sounds very tedious, so why not use this setting and find some treasures like Nautilus Shells.

Repeat Clicking:- If you automate clicks using this function, then you can get a different number of clicks like single or double with repetitions also. Generally, we use this for getting unlimited clicks for crafting blocks, mining, and fishing, just you have to select the “Repeat until stopped” option. And if you haven’t mined yet, then it’s a process of collecting XP and sometimes you may also find some precious materials. But for this, you have to click manually for a large amount of time and many gamers find it very boring.

Additionally, we also love using this function in multiplayer battles for weapons like swords, bows, tridents, and crossbows at a faster pace. And only because of this, we have beaten lots of BOSS and multiple enemies in a single go.

Benefits of Minecraft Auto Clicker

However, we have already discussed the major benefit of using this utility, which is automatic clicking in Minecraft. But apart from that, there are several other good things which need to be covered. Like it’s efficient, saves time & effort, easy to use, free to download, and also has lots of other features which we will be discussing.

Undetectable:- If you are worried that this will break your game then you are totally wrong. Using this tool, you can auto click as much as you want without getting detected. But in competitions, it is not ethical to use these programs because your competitors are only using their hands.

Complete Safety:- With good performance, this app is totally safe, reliable, and completely virus-free. In a nutshell, this is not going to affect any of your system or machine resources and will work like a charm. Apart from that, you can easily crush all your opponents without getting banned.

Great Compatibility:- Like the Minecraft platform, this auto clicker software is also highly compatible with all the latest versions of the operating system like Windows 10, Android, macOS, iOS, etc. Not only this but you can also use it for different types of RPG strategy and incremental games.

Quality Gaming:- Frankly speaking, this tool has saved us from many tedious tasks and has also improved our overall gaming experience. I have seen many gamers who have used this utility to record the most block breaks in Minecraft and we are sure that you are going to do the same.

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